Monday, August 6, 2007

Toto...We're not in Kansas anymore!

Ok, I think what I'm going to do is have a series of posts that will have to do with the different culture I'm experiencing. Whenever I think of something interesting to share, I'll post it with a title similar to this one. It'll be educational and entertaining! Some of them will be the culture of Chile (probably most of them), but some will be the culture of living in a city (which would apply to a lot of cities).
My first culture post is about city life. Some of you may have even experienced this same thing.
Melissa and I went to the mall the other day with a friend of hers. We had to take several metros to get there. One of the trains pulled up, and it was PACKED. Literally. Sardine-like. And there were about 20 of us standing there to get on. So, I shuffled my feet forward, inch by inch (or I guess I should say centimeter by centimeter), as people condensed themselves to fit more on. Melissa and Chris got a little ahead of me, and then the train started beeping to let you know the doors were closing soon. They were giving me very significant looks to encourage me to get on the train asap. I wasn't worried...I just kept shuffling.
Well, Melissa grabbed my purse and made sure I got on in one piece, and a few more people crammed in behind me, and the doors shut. When Melissa let go of my purse, it did not fall back at my side. It was suspended in the air, trapped between the bodies of some very short Latin women beside me. Somehow my arm was raised in the air when I got on the train (probably so I wouldn't elbow someone in the nose), and I was not able to put it back down. I could feel the pressure of people on all sides of me. And by that I mean against me. :o) So I nonchalantly scratched my head for awhile, then used my oddly angled arm to brace myself on the ceiling, since I couldn't reach a pole.
A similar experience has already happened to me a couple more times. Although those times I looked like a normal person with my arms at my sides. :o)
And I'm sure it will happen again. And again, and again, and...

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